Christine Breyhan

Freiheit des Sammlers—Grenzen des Museums

A study as exemplified by the Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen

The study examines the complexity of the relationships between art, museology, commerce, and politics. It strikes an art from historical collections to the new type of museum, the collector’s museum. This creates specific social relationships between artists and collectors, museums and the museum public. Art thus gains a special form of autonomy with respect to politics and society. Via collectors, the post-modern avant-garde, enigmatic aesthetics, and pictorial worlds critical of society can gain access to the museum in equal measure, where they are frequently associated with each other in a variety of cross-references, and where they at the same time enter a forum from which they can penetrate the art market. Historical reflection, interviews with collectors and artists, and a report on the cooperation of those participating provide a framework for the interpretation of the fine structure of extraordinary works of contemporary art, for paintings, sculptures, and sound installation from Rolf Julius to Hans Otte, from Thomas Lehnerer to Mario Merz, from Rebecca Horn to Christian Boltanski.

Kunstwissenschaft in der Blauen Eule, vol. 13, Essen, 1997
400 pages, 32 illustrations

ISBN 3-89206-802-X

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