John Isaacs, The Architecture of Empathy (Pieta) 1, 2012, Privatsammlung
Exhibition | 20.05.2017 - 25.02.2018

Proof of Life / Lebenszeichen

Works from a Private Collection
The construction of the Tower of Babel as a massacre. The artist as a dead revolutionary. A stained-glass window made from butterfly wings. Proof of Life brings together 100 paintings, sculptures and photographic works that investigate existential questions in a both palpable and profound manner. Their aesthetic impact inevitably draws the viewer into its spell. What these works bring to view is linked to a tradition of influential pictures, some of which go far back in time. The presented works simultaneously quote, seduce, irritate, provoke and thematize concepts of moral values. This includes a summons not only to situate in historical terms what is being seen, but also to relate it quite concretely to the present. The works come from a private collection that has never before been publicly presented in this form. Proof of Life presents a precise selection of in some cases space-encompassing but always impressive works by international artistic stars such as Louise Bourgeois, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Anton Corbijn, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst and Daniel Richter. [more...]
Exhibition Zentrum | 03.06.2017 - 06.08.2017

Artists' Books for Everything

Artists' Books for Everything
Artists’ books represent a particular phenomenon within contemporary art. Since their emergence in the 1950s they have become established worldwide as a new type of art. Artists’ books are autonomous works of art in the form of books. Works of art in large editions, they exemplify the democratisation of art as well as the mobility and interconnectedness of artists. Artists’ books are independent works of art - published, printed and copied - that are born of an artistic conception, in the tradition of Dieter Roth, Ilya Kabakov and Marcel Broodthaers in Europe, Ed Ruscha and Michael Snow in North America, Ulises Carríon, Clemente Padin and Edgardo Antonio Vigo in Latin America, William Kentridge in Africa, Yoko Ono in Asia and Robert Jacks in Australia. [more...]
Exhibition Zentrum | 16.06.2017 - 03.09.2017


Active Archive of Contemporary Art in Hungary
In cooperation with Artpool Art Research Center, Budapest
Exhibition | 24.06.2017 - 22.10.2017


Meisterschüler Exhibition of the HfK Bremen. The Karin Hollweg Award 2017
This year, 17 master pupils majoring in free art at the College of the Arts in Bremen are presenting a large group exhibition upon the completion of their studies. A large share of the works are being displayed in public for the first time. The exhibition offers a multifaceted insight into current artistic production in Bremen. The Karin Hollweg Award will be announced in the framework of the exhibition opening. With a grant of €15,000, it is one of the most highly endowed art sponsorship awards at German colleges of the arts. It has been made possible by the generous support of the Karin and Uwe Hollweg Foundation. Half of the stipend is reserved for a solo exhibition at a Bremen institution. The master-pupil course of studies offers outstanding graduates of the College of the Arts an opportunity to further deepen their personal positions during two additional semesters and to continue to explore their individual artistic pathways. With works by Anna Baumgart, Andreas Bernhardt, Jasmin Bojahr, Amina Brotz, Felix Dreesen, Stephan Fritsch, Tanja Hehn, Elise Müller, Myong-Hee Ki, Norman Neumann, Nora Olearius, Andre Sassenroth, Ina Schoof, Malte Stiehl, Yue Sun and Jónína Mjöll Thormodsdottir.
Exhibition | 27.08.2017 - 07.01.2018

Paper Capers!

A journey through the world of paper. A hands-on exhibition at the kek Children’s Museum.
In collaboration with the Weserburg | Museum for Modern Art, the kek-Children’s Museum association is once again, after a pause of six years, presenting its hands-on exhibition “Paper Capers.” This exhibition focuses on the one hand on the history and production of paper, and on the other hand on the multifaceted aspects of paper as a cultural medium. In the cultural history of the last 2,000 years, paper has played an important, constantly evolving role. Our exhibition begins with the predecessors of paper. Visitors become familiar with the potential raw materials for producing paper and can create their own paper. They embark upon a journey to explore the multiple uses of paper in daily life and take a tour of the various sectors of art. Visitors encounter the fragile, valuable material in a fashion showroom, on various stages of miniature theaters, in a sound studio and at a site for constructing paper art. [more...]
Exhibition Zentrum | 15.09.2017 - 07.01.2018

Acceptance Welcome!

The Idea of an Open Society: Artistic Networks in the Context of the Kees Francke Archive
Exhibition | Starting 23.09.2017

Junge Sammlungen 04

Das Ende einer Sammlung - Christian Kaspar Schwarm
Er ist Strategieberater und Mitbegründer der Online Plattform „Independent Collectors“. Seine sich gegenwärtig stetig weiter und neu konturierende Sammlung umfasst vor allem internationale junge Kunst von Querdenkern. Liest man die Namen der Künstlerinnen und Künstler, die bislang Eingang in die Sammlung des Wahlberliners gefunden haben, findet man medienübergreifende Positionen und Werke mit einem hohen politischen und intellektuellen Anspruch. Zugleich gibt es auch ganze Räume umfassende, überaus sinnliche Installationen. Christian Kaspar Schwarm sieht das Sammeln von Kunst und seinen Austausch mit Künstlerinnen und Künstlern vor allem als Erfahrungsressource und Erweiterung seines Weltverständnisses. Für die Ausstellung ist vorgesehen, einen Teil der interdisziplinären Bibliothek des Sammlers, deren Bände natürlich Querverbindungen zu den ebenso übergreifenden Fragestellungen der gesammelten Kunstwerke erlauben, mit auszustellen.[more...]

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Marikke Heinz-Hoek: Linkepott. Bücher und Editionen
Thursday 27.April, 18.00 Hour 

Dreamaholic. Kunst aus Finnland
Sunday 30.April, 15.00 Hour 

In place. Künstlerräume in der Weserburg
Thursday 04.May, 18.00 Hour 


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