Exhibition Zentrum | 14.11.2012 - 25.11.2012

Im großen Dichterkindertheater

Papierarbeiten von Sibylle Lewitscharoff
Die Schriftstellerin Sibylle Lewitscharoff zeigt Werke in einem Wechselspiel aus Wort und Gegenstand, Essay und Papiertheater. Entstanden sind fantastische, ironische, liebevolle und auch böse Szenarien des präliteralen Lebens großer deutscher Literaten, Schiller, Goethe, Keller. Zwei Leporelli sind Karl Philipp Moritz gewidmet. Eine Ausstellung im Rahmen des globale-Literaturfestivals für grenzüberschreitende Literatur.
Exhibition Zentrum | 10.11.2012 EXTENDED TIL 07.04.2013

Expanded Radio: Concha Jerez / José Iges

Concha Jerez and José Iges from Madrid have been working together since 1989 and have become firmly established as pioneers of electronic and intermedial art. Their works combine sound art and radio art. The multimedia installation “ARGOT”, filling an entire room, originated in a radio performance broadcast on ORF Kunstradio and was first shown in 1991 at the Museum of Modern Art, Vienna. Since then, various versions of the work have appeared in Cologne, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and Brussels among other places. “ARGOT” is based on a text in English, Spanish, German and French exploring the relationships between artists and the world, their work, the ideas behind their works and the “consumers” of these works. Visitors must listen to all four languages in the acoustic space in order to comprehend the connection between them. [more...]
Exhibition Zentrum | 10.11.2012 EXTENDED TIL 12.05.2013

Über das Radio hinaus

25 Jahre Kunstradio-Radiokunst
»Kunstradio – Radiokunst« (Art Radio – Radio Art) is more than the weekly radio programme on Österreich 1, the Austrian radio’s culture station, first broadcast on 3rd December 1987. From the beginning, collaborations with international artists have been central to the work of Kunstradio. In cooperation with radio institutions, art associations, festivals or museums, Kunstradio regularly organizes original projects developed by artists as well as facilitating exhibitions or encounters between artists and theorists in the form of conferences and symposia. »Beyond Radio: 25 years of Kunstradio – Radiokunst« gives an insight into the significance, the complexity and the internationality of this programme, whose institutional limits artists have never ceased to question. [more...]
Exhibition Zentrum | 21.09.2012 - 20.01.2013

John Cage in Bremen

John Cage hat bei seinen vielen Besuchen in Bremen und Oldenburg zahlreiche Werke und Spuren hinterlassen. Der Komponist Hans Otte, Hauptabteilungsleiter Musik bei Radio Bremen, und Gertrud Meyer-Denkmann, Musikkritikerin und -pädagogin in Oldenburg, kannten Cage schon seit den 1950er Jahren und haben ihn immer wieder zu Veranstaltungen und Konzerten eingeladen oder ihn mit Kompositionsaufträgen bedacht. [more...]
Exhibition Zentrum | 21.09.2012 - 20.01.2013

GAAG - Guerrilla Art Action Group, 1969 – 1976

The Guerrilla Art Action Group (GAAG), founded in 1969 by Jon Hendricks, Jean Toche and Poppy Johnson, was active in New York over a period of several years in political art interventions and provocative performances. Their protests included opposition to the Vietnam war, the US government or the art establishment. A collection of manifestoes, press releases, letters and other documents relating to the group was first published in 1978 by Printed Matter, New York, and 2011 released in a new edition, by Printed Matter, Kunstverein Publishing (Amsterdam) and the Research Centre for Artists' Publications (Bremen). These publications are the centrepiece of the exhibition. Further photographs and artists‘ books illustrate the impressive activities of the GAAG. Photos: Jan van Raay.[more...]
Exhibition Zentrum | 01.06.2012 - 02.09.2012

Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt

Original graphic works 1972-1989
Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, born in 1932 in Wurzen, Saxony, is one of the few women artists from the former GDR to address in depth the relationship between text and image. Through their involvement in the Mail Art network, she and her husband Robert Rehfeldt were able to surmount the ban on exhibitions and publications by alternative artists during the GDR period. Her artistic activity came to an end with the unification of Germany in 1989. This is the first ever exhibition of her poetic and visual “Typewritings”.[more...]
Exhibition Zentrum | 09.03.2012 - 13.05.2012

Roma Publications

This exhibition features the publications released from 1998 onwards by Roma Publications, the publishing house founded in Amsterdam by the artist Mark Manders and the graphic designer Roger Willems. In close collaboration with artists and writers, Roma Publications has produces individual and very diverse publications in editions ranging from two to 150,000 copies. Their artists’ books, artists’ magazines as well as the graphic works they release are circulated widely, as supplements in other publications or as “give aways”. [more...]
Exhibition Zentrum | 09.03.2012 - 20.05.2012

Tobias Premper - Boxenbücher

His personal notes and his unique perception of the world form the foundation of the so-called “Box Books”, the text and image publications composed of groups of lose pages realized by Tobias Premper, Berlin-based artist, writer and freelance author. These cardboard-box treasure chests are produced in signed and limited editions. Each individual box contains between 50 and 100 pages that have been partially made by hand (e.g. original drawings), collaged, stamped, glued, torn, sprayed, printed or simply copied.[more...]