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The Stiftung Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen is a foundation under civil law. Authorized representatives: Peter Friese (director)

Competent supervisory authority: The Senator of Culture of the State of Bremen, Altenwall 15/16, 28195 Bremen, Germany Responsible for content according to Section 55, Paragraph 2 of the Interstate Broadcasting Agreement (RStV): Peter Friese (director)

Technical implementation
Die InformationsGesellschaft mbH
Bornstrasse 12–13
28195 Bremen

Notice of Copyright
2008 Stiftung Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen.

Copyright for the illustrated works: the artists or their legal successors (refer to captions). Editorial photos: Bettina Brach, Ingo Clauß, Joachim Fliegner; Janine Wittig, Lumix07, zazou.

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