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Artists' Publications as Art in the Public Space

The Centre for Artists’ Publications wants to present art in the public space that addresses the public space and publicness (the public) in general with the means and media of the public, i.e. forms of publication.

In this context, artists’ publications are to be defined as forms of multiplied, publicized and published art. In addition to representing numerous mass-media-based art forms and coming to realization in the public space; they also go hand in hand with the creation of their own public, which can be referred to as a cultural “counter-public”. This can leads to a subversive circumvention of the privatized, commercialized and controlled public space. The artists have also been encouraged to explore issues of publicness and the public space in this sense. Through resistance against the loss of public space, the latter becomes visible again in its original significance, as witnessed, for example, in the context of the Stuttgart 21 and Gezi Park protests.

How are publicness and the public space perceived today? To what extent is the public realm still public? Where does publicness take place? What position can artists take in it and towards it? How can they re-appropriate the privatized and commercialized public space for artistic actions? Should the public realm and publicness be redefined in view of the so-called social media?

For the presentation in the public space, artists are invited to explore the public realm and publicness of the present and to conceive new works based on various media, which will then be realized for the project. The works can, for example, take the form of interventions in radio programmes or television programme trailers or be perceivable by way of answering machines, as stickers, artists’ magazines or newspapers, give-aways, billboards, large-scale posters, City Light posters, free postcards, ads or pages in newspapers and magazines, poster campaigns or circulars, on the Internet, as sound interventions, for example on streetlights or as tree readings in parks. Art on advertising columns, on construction fences, in cafés, by the roadside, etc. is to provide food for thought about the conditions of and changes in the public space and the public.

An artistic poster campaign is also to be carried out with the aid of a Call for Posters. From among the designs submitted by mail or on the website, a representative number are to be selected and produced. For the dissemination of the poster campaign, cooperation with museums, art associations and art institutions in numerous other cities is planned.

Concurrently with the presentation of publicized, multiplied and published artworks in the public/outdoor realm, artists’ publications executed from the 1960s onward in the context of the public realm are to be presented in an exhibition gallery at the Weserburg. Daniel Buren, for example, carried out a graphic poster campaign as an intervention in Paris Metro stations and subsequently realized the poster designs in the form of an artist’s book. Les Levine and the Guerilla Girls likewise promulgate their messages in the public space in graphic artists’ posters. Artists such as Dieter Fröhlich, Timm Ulrichs, Dieter Roth, Karin Sander and Michel François worked with and in newspapers and magazines. John Giorno made a name for himself with Dial-a-Poem. Works from the holdings of the Centre for Artists’ Publications archives and collections will be shown in this presentation.


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