Jónína Mjöll Thormodsdottir, Eggshell, 2016 (Detail)


Meisterschüler Exhibition of the HfK Bremen. The Karin Hollweg Award 2017
Art that causes amazement, that is richly inventive and surprisingly new – OH WOW, the title of the master pupil exhibition, brings an unmistakably ironic tone to its investigation of the expectations and demands that have been imposed upon art up to now. Originality, individuality and expressiveness continue to be criteria for a successful work, but the possibilities and challenges of aesthetic practice far exceed those categories: Indeed, they sometimes justifiably pursue such concepts to the point of absurdity. Art operating on the level of international discourse arises within a mesh of explicit reference and ongoing development; it means critical encounter and rejection. The extensive group exhibition undertaken by 17 master pupils upon completing their course of study in free visual art at the Bremen University of the Arts is exemplary in this regard, inasmuch as it presents a wide range of contemporary artistic strategies.
Daniel Rossi, ohne Titel (Highlight of Creation), 2016
Daniel Rossi, ohne Titel (Highlight of Creation), 2016

A large number of the works on display are being presented in public for the first time. OH WOW thereby offers a multifaceted view of the current art scene in Bremen. The artistic breadth of the exhibition can be conveyed by four positions.

With a delight in exploration, Daniel Rossi makes use of various means and forms of abstract painting. This gives rise to an entirely individual concept of the picture in relation to familiar elements. He uses different textiles and materials which he modifies, sometimes extends beyond the wooden frame and, with gestural as well as calculated applications of color and forms, expands in a painterly manner.

Tanja Hehn, Ohne Titel, 2017
Tanja Hehn, Ohne Titel, 2017

Felix Dreesen presents nine window elements upon each of which is painted a large number or letter. These are relics of an attention-getting intervention in exterior space. The message, visible from an extensive distance, on the facade of a Bremen house that has been scheduled for demolition transforms itself in the museum into a cryptic semiotic system. In a cryptic manner, Dressen examines the relationship between actionistic ambition and aesthetic impact and thereby brings to light the possibilities and limits of artistic appropriation.

In their multipartite video installation, Ana Baumgart & Ina Schoof focus on current social developments. Through impressive images, they address the question as to how certain patterns of thought change in an era of great social upheavals. How are identity and a sense of community manifested when individuals feel themselves to be threatened by foreignness, by alternative ways of thinking and living?

Jónína Mjöll Thormodsdottir’s fascination with natural forms finds expression in her entire, decidedly multifarious oeuvre. On view right in the entrance area to the exhibition are looming structures derived from tiny bird bones, so-called wishbones. With their curved forms, the large-format sculptures embody a surprising modernity. At the same time, they preserve a creaturely element that perplexes the inquiring gaze of the viewer.

André Sassenroth, bay-WATCH, 2017 (Detail)
André Sassenroth, bay-WATCH, 2017 (Detail)

Karin Hollweg Award 2017

A special highlight of the opening evening is the announcement of this year’s recipient of the Karin Hollweg Award. Endowed with a total of 15,000 euros, it numbers among the most important art sponsorship awards at German art colleges. It is made possible by the generous support of the Karin and Uwe Hollweg Foundation. Half of the money is reserved for a solo exhibition at a Bremen institution.



Ana Baumgart & Ina Schoof, Andreas Bernhardt, Jasmin Bojahr, Amina Brotz, Felix Dreesen, Stephan Fritsch, Tanja Hehn, Elise Müller, Myong-Hee Ki, Norman Neumann, Nora Olearius, Daniel Rossi, André Sassenroth, Malte Stiehl, Yue Sun and Jónína Mjöll Thormodsdottir.

Curated by Ingo Clauß, Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst


The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue in the form of a folder with 16 carefully designed individual inserts. Each insert contains an introductory text and reproductions of the works on display. The catalogue will appear on 3 August and can be purchased at the museum ticket counter for 15 euros. Conception and realization: studio lindhorst-emme.

Stephan Fritsch, Blackface, 2016
Stephan Fritsch, Blackface, 2016


  • Exhibition opening and award announcement: Friday 23 June, 7:00 p.m. Free admission.
  • Curatorial guided tour: Thursday 29 June, 6:00 p.m. Cost: 3 euros plus admission fee
  • Concert: Thurday 29 June, 7:00 p.m. Free admission. RAW 02. y 0,75 Displacement by Hannes Middelberg. A release evening by Research and Waves and ZCKR Records. RAW is a series of record releases functioning as a collaborative platform between contemporary art and independent music and focusing on the conceptual and experimental use of sound.
  • Catalogue release and artists’ conversation: Thursday 3 August, 7:00 p.m. Free admission.

Further dates will be announced shortly.

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