KONTAKT with Guy Schraenen

Exhibition at the Centre for Artists' Publications

09.03.2024 - 04.08.2024
Guy Schraenen, Je est un autre, 1987, Privatsammlung Antwerpen

The internationally active collector, gallery owner, publisher, essayist, filmmaker and producer of radio programs Guy Schraenen had, as a freelance curator, a formative influence on the development of today’s Centre for Artists’ Publications at the Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst. The Archive for Small Press & Communication (ASPC) which he established in Antwerpen in 1974 served as the basis for the foundation in 1999 of this centre at the Weserburg, today the only one of its kind throughout Europe. Over more than ten years, Schraenen presented around thirty exhibitions at the Weserburg, including the comprehensive survey Out of Print. An Archive as Artistic Concept in 2001 and Vinyl. Records & Covers by Artists in 2005. He died in Paris in November 2018.

In tribute to and remembrance of the creative output of Guy Schraenen, the Centre for Artists’ Publications is presenting an overview of his diverse activities. The exhibition is being realized in collaboration with the Biblioteca y Centro de Documentación at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reine Sofía in Madrid.

Curated by Dr. Maike Aden und Bettina Brach