Artists' Publications: analogue - digital!

Cabinet Exhibition at the Centre for Artists' Publications

31.07.2020 - 25.10.2020
Heman Chong: Who watches the watchers? 2020
Angela Genusa: Spam Bibliography, Troll Thread, 2013, print-on-demand, Zentrum für Künstlerpublikationen, Photo: Bettina Brach

What are digital artist publications? How are they published and how do they appear as works of art? What emerges artistically explicitly as a digital work? The exhibition Artists‘ Publications: analog – digital!  is dedicated to these questions, which have been artistically relevant since the 1960s, but which have been further updated in times of the Corona pandemic. In keeping with the theme, Künstlerpublikationen: analog – digital! can be experienced predominantly online and is thus accessible to everyone.

Artists‘ Publications: analog – digital! provides an overview of the variety of digital references, media and forms of artists’ publications from 1965 to the present. On the one hand, purely digital works are shown. On the other hand, the exhibition focuses on works that appear both as real objects and in electronic form.

Artists‘ Publications: analog – digital! includes digital artists’ books and newspapers, social media articles and e-mails, multimedia editions and websites designed by artists, as well as works of net art and ascii art. Artists’ books, artists’ magazines and graphics that are digitally created for Print on Demand (POD) appear as analogue objects alongside their digital publication. This also applies to computer graphics or artist books based on computer printouts.

Artists‘ Publications: analog – digital! takes place both as a cabinet exhibition in the Centre for Artist’s Publications and as an online exhibition at

Participating artists are Andreas Bülhoff, Heman Chong, Jean-François Guiton, Jonathan Hanahan, Marikke Heinz-Hoek, Jenny Holzer, David Horvitz, Ce Jian/Yuzheng Cheng, Jean Keller, Miroslav Klivar, Antoine Lefebvre, Silvio Lorusso/Giulia Ciliberto, Frieder Nake, Pavel Petasz, Lim Shengen, Jan van der Til, Helen Thorington, Timm Ulrichs and others.