Sound Collection Guy Schraenen

Exhibition "Vinyl" with works from the Sound Collection Guy Schraenen, Paris 2010, Photo: BettinaBrach

The extensive and internationally important collection on sound art is dedicated to the fascinating interweaving of visual and acoustic works in the field of visual art. Vinyl artists’ records are the main focus. The Sound Collection Guy Schraenen encompasses the entire cosmos of sound works by visual artists and their cover designs in an appealing 31×31 cm format. Guy Schraenen built up the collection with a sure sense for current trends in sound art in all its facets.

The art- and cultural-historical significance of the Sound Collection is based on its overarching completeness and uniqueness, its special significance for Germany, its cultural-historical relevance in the interdisciplinary field of pop culture, art, music, literature, and design, its special art-historical manifestation of 20th-century acoustic art, and an “indirectly” represented media history.

Listen to Sound Art online

The research platform of the Centre for Artists’ Publications presents online excerpts of the collection as a compilation of exemplary works from the Sound Collection. The platform thus offers a continuously growing overview of the diverse expressions of sound art at In the meantime, more than 200 pieces can be heard.

Acquisition for the Weserburg

The renowned Sound Collection Guy Schraenen was acquired for the Weserburg Museum für Moderne Kunst at the beginning of 2018. The Kulturstiftung der Länder and the Karin and Uwe Hollweg Foundation made the purchase of the world-renowned Sound Collection possible. In addition to the purchase, the Karin and Uwe Hollweg Foundation is funding the indexing, digitization and mediation of works from the Sound Collection.