Elina Brotherus, Portrait Series (Gelbe Musik with Sunflowers), 2016
Elina Brotherus, Portrait Series (Gelbe Musik with Sunflowers), 2016, from the series The Baldessari Assignments, Art´Us Collectors´Collective, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020

Elina Brotherus

Why not?

Elina Brotherus (*1972 in Helsinki) is internationally known for her self-portraits. And the fact is that she herself may be seen in almost all of her photographic and video works. These include series resembling diaries, photographed landscapes and situational mood-pictures. The exhibition at the Weserburg directs attention to more recent works and groups of works created since 2016. Here the Finnish artist appropriates various contemporary concepts of art and integrates them into her own unmistakeable aesthetic. She thereby follows Arthur Køpcke’s motto: ‘People ask: Why? I ask: Why not?’
25.10.2020 - 21.03.2021

Shunted Sculptures Fleeting Words

Meisterschüler*innen der HfK Bremen

The exhibitions of the Meisterschüler*innen, which have taken place at the Weserburg annually since 2011, give a multifaceted insight into the quality and variety of current art production in Bremen. A special highlight is the Karin Hollweg Prize-giving, linked to the presentation. With a total of 15,000 euros, it is one of the most important art sponsorship awards at German art schools. Half of the prize money is reserved for an institutional solo exhibition in Bremen. In 2020, 19 artists will take part in the presentation, which will exclusively show new, partly location-based works.
01.12.2020 - 07.03.2021
Alicja Kwade, Watch, 2012, Sammlung Dominic und Cordula Sohst-Brennenstuhl, Foto: Björn Behrens

Alicja Kwade

The weight of nothingness

Alicja Kwade doubtlessly numbers among the best-known artists of her generation. Her works are sensual, extremely aesthetic arrangements done in a minimalistic formal language which cancels certainties and reveals reality to be a construct that is created by people and social conventions and is capable of constantly being changed. The exhibition presents early works by the artist from the Haus N and Sohst-Brennenstuhl Collections.
20.02.2021 - 11.04.2021

Artists‘ Publications: Keyword: „Drawing“

Cabinet exhibition in the Centre for Artists‘ publications

Artists' publications offer space for a wide variety of concepts and artistic approaches. The cabinet exhibition focuses on works in which drawing is a formative pictorial medium. It presents a selection from the collections of the Centre for Artists' Publications.

26.02.2021 - 09.05.2021