The Weserburg offers an extensive range of attractions that appeal to adults, young people and children alike. The program is quite extensive: public guided tours, lectures, discussions with artists, workshops and seminars, special hands-on activities as well as offers for schools and day-care centers.

Public Guided Tours

4 euros plus entrance fee

Private Guided Tours

Our trained staff will be happy to guide you through the exhibitions and collections of the Weserburg. Depending on your wishes, there can also be a focus on special topics. The tour is offered in German or English.

Guided tours in groups of max. 10 persons are possible under the current corona rules.

80 euros plus entrance fee:
Groups of up to 10 persons

Advance registration is required.

Information and booking requests under 0421-59839-0

School Classes

Bremen Quartier e.V. - "Was Bilder erzählen" - Photo: Frank Pusch

For school classes of all ages, the Weserburg offers a varied educational program. In guided tours, conversations and in their own creative work, the pupils can get to know the world of art in all its diversity with curiosity and joy.

Guided tours

40 euros: 60 minutes
60 euros: 90 minutes with practical section

For school classes, special guided tours were developed within the framework of the exhibition “The Way we are 3.0” and “Peter Piller – Richard Prince”,  on request with a focus on specific topics.

Admission for school classes and daycare centers is free. Guided tours can be booked at extra cost.

Registration is required.

Information and booking requests under 0421-59839-0,

Guided tours with Kindergartens

Even the youngest are very welcome! On a playful voyage of discovery, young visitors have the opportunity to get to know the Weserburg. Their first visit to the museum will allow for an imaginative and creative encounter with the works of art. This approach exercises the children’s ability to think and imagine and appeals to their own means of expression. Versatile methods convey works and exhibitions of the museum in a practical way. We address the daycare group in a child-friendly manner and in a language that is easy to understand.

kek Kindermuseum

kek Kindermuseum (children's museum) - Photo: Claudia Hoppens

The kek Kindermuseum is not offering a participatory exhibition this year because we cannot justify it due to the current Corona containment requirements and we are concerned about the safety and security of our visitors.

Therefore, we are offering art projects and art packages for schools this year and are planning a new hands-on exhibition for 2021/22.