Cia Rinne

Notes for Listeners

13.04.2018 - 22.07.2018

Cabinet exhibition at the Center for Artists’ Jubilees

The oeuvre of Cia Rinne is one of the most significant current developments in the succession of concrete, visual and auditory poetry from the 1950s to the 1980s and leads to a repositioning of this art and literary movement. In keeping with the various media forms of her work, works by Cia Rinne can be seen and heard in the cabinet exhibition. On the one hand, Rinne uses writing aesthetically and creates visual poetry within the framework of artists’ books and graphic works. On the other hand, she works with oral language and presents her multilingual poems in an extremely precise vocal performance as sound poetry. Cia Rinne writes poetry multilingually, mostly in a hybrid of English, German and French.

Cia Rinne (*1973 in Gothenburg) grew up in Germany and studied philosophy, history and languages in Frankfurt, Athens and Helsinki. In her artistic work she is mainly concerned with visual and conceptual poetry, but also with sounds, performance and installations. Cia Rinne’s work is influenced by Fluxus artists such as Tomas Schmit and Arthur Køpcke, as well as Moscow conceptualists Lev Rubinstein and Ilya Kabakov. Musically, she follows in the footsteps of Steve Reich and John Cage. Her text and sound works have been widely exhibited.

In cooperation with poetry on the road.