The Use of Color. Nan Groot Antink und Fransje Killaars

Cabinet exhibition in the Centre for Artists' Publications

09.07.2022 - 05.02.2023
Fransje Killaars, Artist’s Book, NAI010 Publishers, 2012, Photo: Bettina Brach
Nan Groot Antink, from: Artist's Book, 2021/22, Brokken Zijp Foundation of Art (BFA), Photo: Bettina Brach

The different use of color is the theme of the two Dutch artists Nan Groot Antink and Fransje Killaars. In the works of Nan Groot Antink (*1954), colours appear in their purest form, while Fransje Killaars (*1959) uses textiles as carrier of color.

Nan Groot Antink works with natural colors, which she produces herself from plants and other natural materials. The material aspects of plant dyes and the way they are applied are determining elements – for her paintings, watercolors, installations and prints as well as her artist’s book produced in 2022.

Characteristic for the art of Fransje Killaars (*1959) are vivid colors and color contrasts. To realize this, she often uses different types of textiles to achieve an optimal result. In her artist books, objects and installations, she uses textiles as the raw material to draw the viewer into her world.

Curated by José Brokken-Zijp and Anne Thurmann-Jajes

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