New Edition

As part of the current exhibition Elina Brotherus. Why not? a new edition has been created – humorous and cryptic at the same time. The motif is derived from an event score from 1963 by Fluxus artist George Brecht. A special prize is offered until March 21, 2021, and thus for the entire duration of the exhibition at the Weserburg.

Lockdown offer

Until February 15, 2021, the Weserburg is offering a special package – for art, photography and Finland fans alike: Elina Brotherus. Why not? + Dreamaholic. Art from Finland + Weserburg Bag. The Museum Shop is still open: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm

Our Program


Amoako Boafo, Steve Mekoudja, 2019, Miettinen Collection
The Way We Are 3.0
Saturday 06.03.2021
11.00 AM
Peter Piller, HOE 21, 2018 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021
Peter Piller - Richard Prince
Saturday 17.04.2021
11.00 AM

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