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Exhibition view Artists‘ Books for Everything, 2017. Photo: Bettina Brach

The Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst has a unique collection of artists’ publications and written material in Europe. The Centre for Artists’ Publications functions as an archive, research institute, and exhibition venue in equal measure. The archive and collection holdings form the basis of exemplary exhibitions and renowned scholarly research.

The Centre for Artists’ Publications comprises approximately 100 different archives, estates, funds and collections. The holdings consist of 1,300 linear meters of written material, written material of an artistic nature and artists’ publications. In total, there are more than 300,000 edited, multiplied and published works of art by over 27,000 artists from all over the world – from artists’ stamps to artists’ books, films, videos and artists’ records to multimedia editions, the like of which cannot be found anywhere else in Europe.

The Centre for Artists’ Publications demonstrates the importance of artists’ publications for a pan-European cultural history and their location in an international context. After all, artists’ publications represent the first common European art history after World War II on the basis of an artistic network that transcends all political borders.


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Visiting the Centre for Artists’ Publications for research purposes is only possible by prior appointment until further notice.
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Tuesday to Sunday 11am – 6pm
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Closed Good Friday, Easter Monday, May 1, Whit Monday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

On all other holidays, except those that fall on a Monday, the museum is open from 11am – 6pm.

Tasks and network

The Centre for Artists’ Publications

  • is part of an international network of museums, universities and research institutions.
  • is a unique place for cultural education, science communication and knowledge transfer.
  • contributes significantly to the profile of research in the humanities both in the state of Bremen and in the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • strengthens Germany as a research and education location as an institution with scientific charisma.

The central task of the Centre for Artists’ Publications is to collect and communicate artist publications and related written material since the 1950s internationally – with a focus on Europe – to preserve and maintain them and to safeguard them as cultural assets. This implies both the conservational care and storage, the supplementation and expansion of the holdings, as well as their research based on indexing and digitization.

The Centre for Artists’ Publications demonstrates the importance of artists’ publications for a pan-European cultural history and their location in an international context. After all, artists’ publications represent the first common European art history after World War II on the basis of an artistic network that transcends all political borders.



Yuri Albert. Fragen der Kunst: Moskauer Abstimmung

Daniel García Andújar. Postcapital Archive (1989-2001), „Mauer/Bremen“, 2008-2009

Archive für Künstlerpublikationen der 1960er bis 1980er Jahre. Schriftenreihe für Künstlerpublikationen, Band 4

ars photographica. Fotografie und Künstlerbücher

Art à la carte

Artists‘ Books for Everything


Bücher. Drucksache zu ermäßigter Gebühr. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 8

Bücher über Bücher. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 5

Ben (Vautier). Bücher-Zeitschiften-Einladungen-Plakate. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 21

Christian Boltanski. Inventar aller Bücher verlegt zwischen 1969 und 1995. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 15

Marcel Broodthaers Poesie und / oder Kunst. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 19

Marcel Broodthaers. Dichter und Künstler. Die Sammlung Schmidt

Buch | Medium | Fotografie. Schriftenreihe für Künstlerpublikationen, Band 1

Daniel Buren. Farbige und vielfache Eindrücke Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 24

James Lee Byars. Perfect is my death word


Ulises Carrión. Die Neue Kunst des Büchermachens Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 2

Henri Chopin. Revue OU, Collection OU Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 7

Copie-Grafien. Bücher und Grafik. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 12


Denmark – Multum, non Multa. Bücher, Objekte, Installationen. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 10

Peter Downsbrough. Books – Bücher. Sammlung Künstlerbücher Band


Ein Museum in einem Museum. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 1

Ein Museum in einem Museum


Harald Falkenhagen: Postkarte

Manfred Förster. Künstler/Bücher 2005-2013

Hans-Peter Feldmann. Bücher. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 23

From Page to Space. Published Paper Sculptures


GAAG: The Guerrilla Art Action Group 1969-1976: A selection

Eugen Gomringer. Die konkrete Poesie


Hommage an Stéphane Mallarmés Würfelwurf. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 20

Joseph W. Huber. DENK-ZETTEL aus’m Osten


Internationaler Stempelworkshop. Stempel = Zitat Zitat = Stempel

It’s a Kind of Magic. Mystifizierung und Demystifizierung im Kontext der Künstlerpublikationen seit 1960


Künstler als Wissenschaftler, Kunsthistoriker und Wissenschaftler. Schriftenreihe für Künstlerpublikationen, Band 6

Kunstzeitung – Zeitungskunst. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 14


Sol LeWitt Systeme in Buchform. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 9


Malerbücher – Künstlerbücher

Manual für Künstlerpublikationen (MAP). Aufnahmeregeln, Definitionen und Beschreibungen (vergriffen)

Manual for Artists‘ Publikations (MAP). Cataloging Rules, Definitions, and Descriptions

Metamorphosen des Schreibens Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 11

Franz Mon. 1951 plus Schrift, Bild, Stimme

Muntadas Projekte (1974–2004). On Translation: Erinnerungsräume / Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten (City Guide)


Nemo propheta in patria Guglielmo Achille Cavellini. GAC Centennial and Other Projects


obenauf und ungebrochen. Künstlerpublikationen aus der DDR

Ohne Kommentar. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 17

Hans Otte. Künstlerpublikationen und Partituren

out of print. An archive as artistic concept


Clemente Padin. Word, Action and Risk

Poesie – Konkret | Poetry – Concrete Zur internationalen Verbreitung und Diversifizierung der Konkreten Poesie Schriftenreihe für Künstlerpublikationen, Band 7

Präprintium. Moskauer Bücher aus dem Samizdat

Tobias Premper. Boxenbücher

Prigov. Die Textarbeiten des Dmitrij Aleksandrovic

Printed in Spain. Künstlerpublikationen der 60er bis 80er Jahre


Joan Rabascall. Produktion 1964-1982

Gerhard Rühm. Multimedia Edition begegnung der besonderen art

Re-Inventing Radio. Aspects of Radio as Art

Dieter Roth. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 4

Claude Rutault. Bibliographie 1998 Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 22


Barbara Schmidt-Heins und Gabriele Schmidt-Heins. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 16

Guy Schraenen. Collected Writings 1974-2013

Selbstbildnisse. Could be different. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 25

Sound Art. Zwischen Avantgarde und Popkultur Schriftenreihe für Künstlerpublikationen, Band 3 mit Audio-CD

Sticker in der Kunst


Topologie und Funktionsweise des Netzwerks der Mail Art. Seine spezifische Bedeutung für Osteuropa von 1960 bis 1989, Schriftenreihe für Künstlerpublikationen, Band 5


Jirí Valoch. Die Bedeutung der Worte. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 18

Bernard Villers. M wie Maler B wie Bücher. Sammlung Künstlerbücher, Band 3

Vinyl Records and Covers by Artists



With the founding and opening of the Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen in 1991, a collection of artists’ books was conceived as the collector’s museum’s own collection. The conception of the founding director Dr. Thomas Deecke and the guest curator Guy Schraenen, who was responsible for this collection, was to build up a collection of artists’ books and to present it for the first time not in the library but directly in the museum. A room of about 10m² was set up as a display storage and an exhibition area of about 250m². This area was referred to as “a museum within a museum”. Guy Schraenen conceived the three to four exhibitions per year mainly from the holdings of his private Archive for Small Press & Communication (ASPC). With Bettina Brach as his assistant, he curated over 30 exhibitions until 2000 and edited a 25-issue catalog series.

At the end of 1997, Dr. Anne Thurmann-Jajes was commissioned to scientifically process the collection of approximately 3000 artists’ books, artists’ newspapers and magazines, including secondary literature, which had existed until then. At the same time, Guy Schraenen expressed his wish to sell his archive. Since the archive contains artistic and documentary materials and artists’ publications have only been rudimentarily researched scientifically, she contacted the University of Bremen to explore possibilities of making the archive usable for the museum and the university. Together with Dr. Sigrid Schade, professor of art history, she then worked out a concept for researching and communicating the ASPC and the other holdings. On the basis of a joint declaration by the university and the museum, moderated by a representative of the City of Bremen, it was then possible to acquire the archive in 1999.

Thanks to the special commitment of the President of the Senate, Dr. Henning Scherf, it was possible for half of the purchase of the archive to be financed by the state government. Further financing was provided with the support of the KulturStiftung der Deutschen Bank, the Federal Government Commissioner for the Arts and Media, the Karin and Uwe Hollweg Foundation, the Knecht-Drenth Fonds /Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Amsterdam/Netherlands, the MuseumsFreunde Weserburg, and private patrons. Based on the ASPC, which contains approximately 40,000 works, the Collection of Artists’ Books was renamed the Research Centre for Artists’ Publications and, under the direction of Dr. Anne Thurmann-Jajes, officially established in 1999 as an independent department of the Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen (now the Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst). Today, the institution, which has since been renamed the Centre for Artists’ Publications, houses over 300,000 published works of art.

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