fictionfictionfiction. Heman Chong

Exhibition at the Centre for Artists' Publications

08.11.2019 - 08.03.2020
Heman Chong, Foreign Affairs #40, 2019, Courtesy of Amanda Wilkinson Gallery

Heman Chong is an artist whose work is located at the intersection between image, performance, situations, and writing. His practice can be read as an imagining, interrogation and sometimes intervention into infrastructure as an everyday medium of politics.

fictionfictionfiction encompasses two major work complexes. Foreign Affairs (2019) is a series of apparently banal photographs of embassy back doors. The systematic repetition of images simultaneously recalls a cinematic frame and the omnipresence of the surveillance camera that watches nothing and everything. The Performance Words, They, Wrote, (2019) is embedded within the symposium Archives in Motion and the exhibition space. This allows a retrospective moment where the audience can listen in on what artists write about their lives, their work, and negotiate objects and situations out of texts.

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