Lacuna - inside a dumpling

Exhibition and Program with Freshly Prepared Dumplings

27.04.2023 - 21.05.2023

“The term ‘lacuna’ designates a state for which there are no guidelines and rules, a space that can still be shaped for various activities and operations.”

The collective exhibition Lacuna – inside a dumpling takes the production of dumplings as its central point of departure. Like the empty space surrounded by a dumpling, the project itself also functions as a lacuna. It offers a site for encounters that will become filled with narrations, animations, ceramics and objects. This gives rise to an open artistic field in which a fundamental role is played by the investigation and development of common media and languages, but also by forms of interaction with the public. Beginning at noon on four Sundays during the exhibition period, the artists will activate this space with workshops and performances while simultaneously serving freshly prepared dumplings from different regions.

This exhibition in the Project Space of the Weserburg has been developed by students at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen. Lacuna – inside a dumpling is accessible to everyone during the opening times of the museum. Admission is free.

Opening: Wednesday, April 26, 2023, 6:00 p.m., free admission

On the evening of the opening, dumplings from various regions will be served: Polish pierogi, Peruvian empanadas, shish barak.


The project Lacuna—Inside a Dumpling is a collaboration between Lacuna Squat/Hochschule der Künste Bremen and the Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst.

With generous support from the VGH Stiftung and the Freundeskreis der HfK Bremen


Vafa Aminikia, Eghbal Joudi, Ada Hillebrecht, Jashua Bustos Chumasero, Noelle BuAbbud, Paule Potulski, Véra Marie Deubner, Jisu Kim, Feng Zeng, Maria Arzt, Jiye Lee, Angela Lieber, Bubu Mosiashvili, Abdughaffar Tammaa

Program on Sundays

Sunday, April 30: world-making

12 – 6 pm: Pierogi

2 – 3 pm: Reading Room/Performance –  ‘Blind im Dunkeln tappen und was wir sonst noch wissen’

5:30 – 6 pm: Concert/Performance – `Rundrum‘
An acoustic search for the incidence. Voices and sounds overlap and form a circle.

Sunday, May 7: void-shaping

12 – 6 pm: Shish Barak

2 – 3 pm: Workshop/Performance – ‘Mehr als die Rückgängigmachung der Wiederentdeckung’

4 – 5 pm: Concert/Performance – ‘nachloten’
The collective, in the broadest sense a band, improvises freely with sound and performance.

Sunday, May 14: transgression

12 – 6 pm: Empanada

2 – 3 pm: Performance ‘Residue‘
How to put a narrative in a jar and keep it.

4 – 5 pm: Reading Room

Sunday, May 21: implosion

12 – 6 pm: xxx

2 – 3 pm: Performance – ‘Tasteless‘
A satirical performance that considers the act of consuming food detached from its cultural and political specificity.

3 – 6 pm: Workshop – ‘creating our dumplings’
Dumplings are a dish that transcends cultures and countries. They can be found in a wide variety of forms all over the world. But what do dumplings mean to each of us? If you were to make and invent them yourself, how and what would you do?

Event in English language. Registration at: Limited number of participants.