Linhan Yu, Im Körper, 2017
Exhibition | 29.06.2018 - 13.10.2018


Master Pupil Exhibition of the University of the Arts Bremen. Karin Hollweg Prize 2018
The title MESH already sounds the central note: art can also be understood as a texture that connects things and holds them together. This is a matter of meaningful references and interconnections in which the focus is on the relationship between subject and community, between individual statements and their dynamic interplay. This interwoven connectedness serves as a conceptual model for the 2018 Master Pupil Exhibition of the University of the Arts Bremen. This year fourteen artists are presenting their most recent works. On display is the entire spectrum from drawing, painting and sculpture all the way to space-encompassing installations, video, performance and a kinetic sound object. MESH thereby offers a multifaceted perspective with regard to the quality and diversity of the current art scene in Bremen. A special highlight of the opening evening is the awarding of the Karin Hollweg Prize.

The artistic breadth of the exhibition is demonstrated by four exemplary positions:

The large head of a Buddha, a self-forged sword and a video that shows remarkable information about clouds: Anand Angarag brings seemingly disparate elements together in a fascinating manner. With his installation “emulating archetypes,” the artist investigates the question as to how we appropriate the world. How do religion, culture and philosophy affect our thoughts and actions in an era when the media are asserting an increasingly complex reality? 

Anand Angarag, emulating archetypes, 2018 (Videostill)

Hannes Middelberg is interested in the connection between sound, drawing and object. He uses simple means to construct drawing machines that are operated by small motors. They carry out constantly recurring patterns of movement that are acoustically amplified so as to become audible. In spite of the improvised appearance of the constructions, these works are the result of years of aesthetic research in the field of experimental sound art. The most recent work is complemented by a selection of drawings.

Sanda Zvaigzne

In recent years, Oliver Krebeck has created a series of Minimalist objects. They are concrete casts in various forms and sizes that are initially placed in urban spaces, where they are used primarily by skaters. Only later are they transferred as autonomous sculptures into the exhibition context. Abrasive wear on the paint and the effects of weathering are deliberately retained. At the Weserburg, Krebeck is installing several sturdy blocks that divide spatial segments from each other, obstruct passageways and thereby give rise to new visual axes and paths.

Sanda Zvaigzne is presenting a series of drawings in which she takes up pictorial motifs from highly diverse areas and combines them schematically. It is a matter above all of art-historical references which she integrates into her own artistic practice, where she develops them further. The collage-like synopsis can be considered to be an archive of artistic images that brings to light in a fascinating manner contrasting aspects oscillating between appropriation and new creation.


Anand Angarag, David Hepp, Oliver Krebeck, Gustavo Méndez López, Hannes Middelberg, Helena Otto, Candan Öztürk, Mari Lena Rapprich, Franz Reimer, Zhe Wang, Fritz Laszlo Weber, Linhan Yu, Annahita Zielonka und Sanda Zvaigzne.

Curated by Ingo Clauß, Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst


Release of the digital and analogue exhibition catalogue on 9 August 2018 at 7 p.m., developed and designed by Hellllo — Büro für Gestaltung.

Karin Hollweg Prize

Endowed with 15,000 euros, the Karin Hollweg Prize is one of the most important stipendiary awards presented at universities of the arts in Germany. It is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Karin and Uwe Hollweg Foundation. Half of the grant is reserved for a solo exhibition at a Bremen institution.


A collaboration with the University of the Arts Bremen

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Exhibition opening and award ceremony

Friday, June 29, 2018 at 7 pm in the presence of all artists. Following the opening, Ms. Hollweg herself will present the Karin Hollweg Prize. Admission free.

On the same evening, the exhibition SHAME will be opened in the Künstlerhaus Bremen. Opening speech at 8:30 pm.


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